Fake Christmas!

xmas 2014

Today was my ‘fake Christmas’ (as we have named it in our family), as I will be missing Christmas at home this year (very strange!). I was awoken by Cailin (20 year old sister) at what I felt was an early hour but was actually about 8:30, as she crept into the bedroom I share in the loft with Naomi (12 year old sister), since she took over my room when I moved out and then I moved back, and whispered ‘Happy Christmas’ into my ear. I made my way downstairs and into my parents bedroom where my family awaited with Christmas crackers! I had a tape measure inside mine. Very useful! Then I was told to get my stocking (we have a tradition of opening our stockings on my parents’ bed) and so I brought it through, excitedly. Inside was an enormous Christmas tree made of chocolate! I have no idea how I will eat it all before I leave in a week but I will certainly give it a good go! I also gratefully received some penguin earrings and some socks. It really was like Christmas.

I went downstairs in my pyjamas and opened more presents! After which, I got changed ready for the day ahead. Obviously we had to take obligatory family photographs, despite Erin’s vehement protests. Stefan (Cailin’s bf) arrived and we began our delicious Christmas meal, after hugging him of course. It was perfect! I stuffed myself with dinner and felt so wonderful to have a family who would do this for me. When I was done I had a food baby and a sore tummy!!!! I could not fit in anymore and we all decided to rest our stomachs before desert. So we played Uno. I did not win a single round, and neither did Cailin, but it was immense fun. We came back to desert after a while and I enjoyed our traditional Vienetta. Yum! Going back to our Uno game afterwards, Naomi proved triumphant, much to my mother’s sadness as she thought herself victor.

It was then time for Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. This made me realise that it was a long time since I had read the books and my memory of the movies is not as sharp as it could be. Stefan and Cailin ended up winning. Thus, it was time for ‘Four Christmases’, a Christmas movie which made us laugh. I don’t know who thought we needed more food, but we had a tea. I only ate some pickled onions, garlic bread and a Galaxy Mistletoe cake, which was too much in itself after the mountain lunch!

What a day! I’m feeling so blessed. And I have yet to look forward to my ‘fake birthday’ on Wednesday which will also be lovely. My actual birthday is 28 December, but again I will be away. I am wondering what Christmas will be like in America, and with children. I bet it will be fun but I’ll let you know. I am also thinking about how I get to have two Christmases this year and feel so privileged, when some people will be suffering this Christmastime. And so I reflect on what is important in life and remember to put my life into perspective whilst praying for those I don’t know who aren’t as fortunate as me.

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