It’s So Fun

“It’s so fun!” Liza says. And she is right. I’m having so much fun here. There’s so much to enjoy.

Last weekend, we took a family trip to Half Moon Bay. We got stuck in traffic on the way there, but that was fine with me since the view was incredible.


The road leads to a quaint place with Christmas Tree farms and flower shops. Our destination was Lemos Farm, where the kids were to ride ponies. The first thing we did was feed the goats. They were so funny. Liza was a little scared but she gave it a go. Daniel loved it. Next was the train ride. We travelled through fake scenery, laughing at the absurd things there and pointing out cows, gold mines, and tepees. Actually, Ilya and I both thought the pony was stuffed until it moved its head! When it came to the pony rides, Liza was scared. The man said he’d give her a lollipop if she got on and that seemed to work. Then she loved it! She was given a giant lollipop! Unfortunately, this would probably kill her if she ate it since she has diabetes, so she couldn’t really eat it, though she was allowed a taste at home. After the pony rides came face painting. Liza got ladybirds (or ladybugs here) and Daniel got a lion. They looked great. We visited the beach for a short time before picking up some flowers to take home for Ira (grandmother). We got beautiful red roses.


On Friday I went to Shoreline Park with my friend Lina (the one I went to Jelly Belly with). It is really lovely there. I also got a chance to see the amphitheatre where I’d be going to see Lady Antebellum, Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt! I’m so excited about that! Anyway, we took a pedal boat out onto the lake. This was such a great idea. I saw a pelican and asked Lina if she thought it was real, since it was so still, and she said it was normal. But when we got closer it was made out of wood – it was disappointing! Our boat was blue and sparkly – very us. We took in the sights and pedalled hard. Eventually we came to rest and took out our sandwiches. We’d bought them at Safeway that morning. We saw the most ginormous sandwiches ever there – family sized! We opted for the regular deli sandwiches. I had tuna with cucumber and onion. Really, it was like eating heaven (I never thought I’d say that about a sandwich). After the boat ride we went for a walk. There was a house to see but it was closed. It was gorgeous on the outside though. Then we sat at the edge of the lake. There were some squirrel-like creatures running around us. I am not sure what they were but they were so cute. I just Googled – they are ground squirrels. It turns out there are burrowing owls there too – I will have to go back to find them! There was a man sitting eating next to us and he didn’t give a scrap to the squirrels and it annoyed me. But we later saw a sign which said not to feed the wildlife so I let him off.


Today I went to see the San Francisco Ballet performing Don Quixote. It was absolutely spectacular. I drove into the city myself since it was just me taking Daniel. I was nervous about parking, but we found a parking garage quickly and parked easily. This was lucky since we only had 5 minutes to get there since the traffic had been bad. We ran and made it on time. But the lady sent us to the wrong seats. This wasn’t so bad as there were 2 empty seats 3 rows from the front. We had to just sit down since the performance was starting. Daniel had trouble seeing and ended up on my knee. We moved upstairs to our appointed seats during the first interval. This was better for Daniel as the seats were tiered. We both utterly adored the ballet. Daniel is so sweet – he kept asking if I understood everything because if I didn’t, he would explain.

don quixote1 2012 Publicity - Program 8 don quixote3 2012 Publicity - Program 8

I am loving my time here. I am currently sick, or getting sick and have a horrendous sore throat, but that cannot dampen my mood.don quixote5

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