So mostly I’ve just been getting on with life – playing/working with the kids and doing my job. I’ve had a lot of trips to the doctor due to a growing concern of Anya’s that I drink too much water and pee too often. However, all of the tests came back normal and so it doesn’t look like there is really anything wrong with me. I just need to stop drinking so much.

My au pair meeting was at an Asian karaoke place this month. I didn’t mention that I moved au pair groups when I moved house. I am not keen on au pair meetings as mostly people already have friends and it is awkward. However, I have met some nice people in my group (Saskia, from Germany, Ffion, from Wales and Marina, from Germany, as well as some others). Saskia was late and Ffion was not coming so I talked with Marina and Vicki mostly. It was my first time speaking with Marina, but we hit it off, bonding over our love of Taylor Swift. I had a refreshing passion-fruit smoothie then we all headed into the karaoke room. It was one of those places where each party gets a private room. There was about 30 of us, sitting in a square shape. Large screens were mounted on each wall so everyone had a view of the lyrics, and there were microphones handed out. Some of the girls didn’t participate and sat there awkwardly, but Marina, Vicki and I sang our hearts out. When Saskia came, she didn’t sing, clearly not enjoying the karaoke venue. At the end of the meeting we were told about our next au pair meeting which would involve us raising money to sponsor a child to get an education. I volunteered for face painting and tattooing, and also offered to create some art for the art sale (this sale is mostly children’s art). Later that week I tested my face painting skills with the kids. I did ok. Then they each painted me. Daniel actually did a great job of turning me into a ladybug.

On my day off I went to Shoreline Park with Daniel’s chess teacher. He is much older than me and had a daughter close to my age, and an ex-wife. However, I think that he likes me. He’s a nice guy and I had no objection to being a friend to him, especially after he gave me a free chess lesson. I thought we’d walk for an hour but we were there for 4 hours! This was fine but unexpected. Afterwards, he gave me some money to buy his ex-wife a birthday present. I got some skincare products and perfume. This was a big hit with her apparently. At home, I cooked an Easter roast dinner for the family. They loved it.

On the Saturday I went out with Marina. We did some shopping. I got some new dresses and jeans, managing to save $100 with vouchers and sale. I also got a bra from Victoria Secret – so comfy! We saw The Longest Ride at the cinema – which made me feel like I could find a cowboy to run off with. We ate at TGI Fridays. It was a great day.

It was Russian Easter a week after our Easter and we had some Russian Easter cakes and painted eggs. I think I prefer English Easter treats! But it was interesting to experience.

I took a day trip out on my last weekend off. I visited Boot Barn at Gilroy and bought some real cowgirl boots, which I love. Then I went walking at the beautiful coyote-bear lake. I saw a wild turkey there and some deer and eagles, but no coyotes or mountain lions or bobcats, which also live there. It was my friend, Abril’s birthday and I went with Lina to take her a cake and presents before we went  out to celebrate.

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