Great weekend

I had a really awesome weekend off. On Friday night, I went with Marina and Vicki to the cinema to see Jurassic World. Unfortunately the 10:20 showing and the 11:20 showing were both full. We had had to go late since we’d been working during the day. Instead of giving up, we went to the midnight showing and we didn’t get home until 3am, but it was worth it as the movie was so good. All of us thoroughly enjoyed it.

The next day I took a trip by myself to the beach. I forgot to pack a jacket and so was buffeted by the wind and my ears hurt. But I had a nice picnic of a tuna sandwich (Safeway’s best – really the best sandwiches ever) and a stroll along the cliff. Then I headed back and stopped at La Honda country fair. It was so cute and American. I got a present from my uncle – not being able to believe he was the first person I bought for in my whole family. It was hilarious watching this man dancing to the band, and I laughed but not in a mean way; it was just nice to see that sense of freedom being displayed, no matter how foolish it looks.

When I got home, I was picked up by Vicki and we went to her friend’s house to pick her up. We were going to Great America. Vicki bumped the other au pair’s host dad’s car when reversing out of the drive, though the damage wasn’t too bad. So, for her, the day was tainted a little with worry. Nevertheless, we headed with Vicki’s two friends, who were also becoming my friends to the theme park. We had an absolute blast there. We rode The Drop five times and it still wasn’t enough. We have season tickets so we can go back as much as we like though. We tried funnel cake which was pretty yummy. Again, I was home after midnight.

The next day I did not sleep in, however. Instead, me and Vicki went to San Francisco. We had a picnic in Alamo Square. I realised that the Painted Ladies were, in fact, houses and not a painted mural as I had thought. Next, we found (eventually) the house from Full House and took pictures. Then we headed to Union Sq where we’d get the cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf so we could take the ferry to Angel Island. Luckily, a man offered us a $5 limo ride so we rode in style to the wharf with a couple from Florida. The limo driver spoiled it a little by being very pushy about tipping. We made it just on time for the ferry, having to run a little to catch it. The day was cloudy and misty, but warm and sunny too. We had stunning views of the islands and SF but not the Golden Gate bridge. It was extremely windy. Angel Island was so beautiful. We ate strawberries in luxury as we looked out at the spectacular view, before walking to the Immigration site.

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After our boat trip we spent some time on Pier 39. I could have spent all day there. Everything we did, it felt as if we didn’t have enough time. I bought some presents for my sisters. They are nice but I feel I would have liked more time to look properly. Vicki got a jalapeño chocolate which spiced her mouth. It was utterly hilarious. I have not laughed so much in ages. We raced on foot to the train, making it just on time.

Because we’d loved the movie so much, we decided to go back to see Jurassic World and Marina came – it was her 3rd time! So another late night for us.

On Monday, I went wit my host mum to take my host dad’s car for a service and mine for a new mirror. Last week, when I was taking Daniel to school, a man opened his van door as I was driving past and my mirror got broken. Afterwards, we went to the pharmacy to collect some medicine for a skin condition I have developed (nothing to worry about), and for Elizabeth (3), who has diabetes.  While we were waiting, Anya bought me a Jamba Juice and then went into the store next door. I went in to look at the dresses she was trying on – all of them so beautiful. She said I should try some things and so I picked out two dresses, one of which I bought (yellow skirt and floral top – very summery). She  said for me to try a few that she’d picked out and she ended up buying me a beautiful white dress for $250. I was so surprised and thankful.

And the adventure continues …

It’s summer time.