4th of July

SOOOOO  I have been a bad blogger who has been too busy going out to write! I now have $200 in my account at this moment -_-  because I keep spending money I don’t have!!!!! But I guess that’s living life to the full. But now I need to stop and save up for my road trip in October :). Anyway, I have done too many things to write about right now so I’ll just let you know how my 4th of July weekend has been and tell you that I hang out with Viktoria too much and we influence each other into spending money!

On Friday night I went for ice-cream with Viktoria and then we went too a Shisha bar. I had no idea what shisha was when Viki asked me to go and I asked her if it was the Russian food she’d told me about. It was not. In fact, it’s a type of smoking through water. Who knew? Probably anyone reading this! But not me. So the place was cool, with cushioned seats in sections and good music. I am someone who would never ever smoke. But since I didn’t really know what it was and we were there I partook of the watermelon mint shisha. It was an interesting experience and I was not good at it! I had a lot of fun but probably would never do it again, especially since I read about it and it’s actually just like smoking cigarettes, though it feels different and tastes nice.

On Saturday I went to San Francisco with Viki (Germany) and Marit (Estonia). This was an awesome day. We went to Haight-Ashbury, otherwise known as the “hippie street”. It was so cool. The stores there were so interesting and random. I wanted to buy everything! But I managed to resist. There were cool vintage stores with outfits dating waaaayyyy back. I wanted to get the prairie dresses. They were so gorgeous. They had some cool flapper outfits too. We then headed to the Golden Gate park and watched some people skating. There are some random people in SF! This one guy was so funny and was in a crop top and skirt. He was hilarious to watch, though he was so serious. We headed to Fisherman’s Wharf then for fireworks. They were the biggest fireworks I’ve ever seen and they lasted for 25 minutes! We did sit in our spot for 2.5 hours so we could get a great view, however, and we were bursting for the toilet after but had to wait in a long line and use a gross toilet! Also, it was so cold that I had to buy a hoodie. Some kind people helped us out at the bus stop when we realised there were no buses running and we had to catch the train home. They got us an Uber and we made it 2 mins before the 11:30pm train! A miracle.

The next day, Sunday, I went to the Muir Woods with Viktoria and Krissy (Germany). We ate lunch outside the entrance and then talked to Kayley the guide. She was so sweet and helpful. We saw a chipmunk – my first wild one. We were told about the different types of owl that live in the woods but were disappointed by not seeing any (since they come out at dusk). We wanted to head to the beach on our hike and the guide told us the path to take. We were doing great until we realised we’d been walking for 2 hours and still no beach. The signs at the woods were very poor and we’d gotten lost. Fortunately Google Maps helped us out and we made it back to the entrance wishing we’d used the Maps before then. Still, the walk was beautiful and we enjoyed singing ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’.


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