England and Taylor Swift


So my friend Viktoria left to go to Chicago with a new host family because her Californian one moved to Amsterdam! Now I have no idea what I will do on Fridays since I know no one else who has time off then – I’ll be back to lonesome trips out. But I do have a lot of friends who are interested in hanging out with me now so I’m sure I’ll find time to see them – I do only work 5 hours on a Saturday after all.

Luckily, as Vicki left it was time for me to leave too – for England! I sat with Alla, the nanny, in the plane while the family enjoyed first class. This was great as Alla is super nice and I got to practise my Russian. I watched so many movies on the plane since I couldn’t sleep!! (both ways). When we arrived in London I was anxious to get the train as I had a booked seat on the 4pm train. However, we all went back to the family’s gorgeous apartment and, suffice to say, I missed that train. I knew the trains would be packed after 5 and I had a three hour journey to make after flying for over 10 hours so I was very agitated. But I did enjoy seeing the apartment. Luckily, although I couldn’t get on the first train I tried, a kind man directed me to another train which was empty and so I got the seat of my choice. I was sat next to a young man of 20, who had blonde quaffed hair and had had a very bad day, which included getting stung by a wasp. I and the lady opposite enjoyed laughing at his hilarious, yet unfortunate story of the day. But they both got off at the first stop and I was alone for a while, until a blonde lady sat opposite me. She was visiting her military boyfriend. It was her first time in Newcastle – her bf usually came to her and it was fairly recent.

I arrived at night and my phone was dead. I just prayed my dad would turn up and that I would see him. A nice man in a car in the car park let me borrow his phone and my mam assured me that my dad was there somewhere. Soon, I saw my sister, Erin walking towards me and was relieved. I was home. I gave everyone their gifts and then we all went to bed.

On Saturday, I saw my wonderful nana. She had soooo much pocket money for me! I had missed her so much. In the evening we went to our family friends’ house, Julie and Shaun. It was fun catching up and playing board games. The highlight of that first week was seeing my gorgeous friend, Bethany. I was so happy to see how well she looked. It was her grandma’s birthday and it was just so cosy and welcoming in the house. Her family are just gorgeous. I could only stay a short time because my sister was making dinner for me and then I was going to meet another friend. (I still didn’t meet up with everyone I wanted to 😦 ).

Soon came our family holiday to Worcester. I had looked forward to this but also didn’t want it to come because I wanted to keep looking forward to it so that my time at home would be longer. It was me and Naomi and my parents. The hotel was called the Pear Tree Inn and it was such a lush, cute country place. There were two weddings on on the night we arrived (Sat) – I love weddings. One was red and one was purple. I shared a twin room with Naomi which was fun – she likes to stay up later than me it seems!! We did so much on our holiday, including visiting Worcester cathedral, a delicious sandwich deli, feeding swans, a fantastic safari (where we fed giraffes and zebras etc. – I was soooo excited), and Snowshill Manor House (a Cotswold manor filled with treasures collected by Charles Wade – very weird and interesting). But, like all things, it came to an end. I did get to enjoy a sunny beach day with Jenny though when I came back – absolutely loved it and she even treated me to fish (or sausage for me and just chips for her) and chips and ice cream!!! MY GOSH that ice cream mmmmmmmm.

When I came back to the states I was greeted by the biggest, most heart-felt hug I’ve ever experienced by Elizabeth. Anya and Alla also welcomed me with hugs and we enjoyed dinner together. But I was back to work right away the next day, though it hasn’t been too stressful. I am ready for my day off though and my back is killing. I am seeing my doctor on Friday – phew. What would I do without my newly found back doctor?

The day after I got back was the T Swift concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went super early, at 3pm to get a parking space. It cost $40 for parking – insane! But I had a good spot and I was there with no hiccups. There has been a heat wave here and several people fainted during the hour wait until the doors opened. I quietly ate my tuna sandwich purchased from Safeway while I waited and drank slowly. The time didn’t go too slowly as I people watched and listened to random conversations (I was alone). In the stadium I still had a 2 hour wait -_- but I was ready to wait. The food was so expensive and I ended up buying a $5 bottle of water as I’d finished the drink I had brought! I had really thought there would be doughnuts there but I was disappointed – there were very few desserts. What there was, was expensive frozen custard. Blah. When 7pm came I thought everyone would be in their seats. I was actually annoyed at how few people were sitting in their seats. And I was walked by by so many people coming up and down the stairs to and from their seats. I thought it was so rude. Sure, I know these people came to see TS and not necessarily her supporting acts, but come on, you’ve paid for your ticket, why not make the most of it? and at the very least, TS has chosen these acts to support her, why not show them some respect and support and take a seat? Anyway, I enjoyed them. Then, the magic was brought by Tay. The crowd went wild. We all had light-up bracelets. She brought Little Mix and Julia Roberts out to greet us. Just – wow. That’s all I can say about her performance. She is so talented and beautiful it’s unreal. Plus, she is so nice.

So now, I have a day off coming up – what will I do with it??

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