Ahh my Stanford classes have finished! I absolutely loved them and I am now in the middle of writing a novella (I think). My au pair friend, Marina was in my second class and it was great to go with her and discuss writing. I got A’s in both classes πŸ™‚

I have hung out with Marina, and another girl, Vicky a few times now. We’ve had movie nights, played twister and been to the cinema to see Pitch Perfect. They are great girls and I hope we stay friends.

I’ve continued to walk often and visited the Rancho San Antonio Preserve, which is actually not far from where we live and we didn’t know about it. I went with the chess teacher. Later, he took me out to an Italian restaurant. The food was wonderful and the company was alright, but not exactly Beth and Jenny. The waiter was not the most pleasant man.

I am hoping to go to Santa Cruz on Friday so I will have something more interesting to write about πŸ™‚

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