Beach Party


So I  went to a beach party at Half Moon Bay. My host family were away for the weekend so I was lucky that I got to go. I felt like I was in a movie going to a beach party!! I totally dressed wrongly! It was wayyyyy freezing and I was wearing a short playsuit.. This meant that I froze and had to undress when going to the bathroom (meaning on the beach). I did have a hoodie and a poncho with me though which helped a bit. We were some of the first people to arrive, which was good as we actually got to make friends before the drinking and before it got dark. Then more and more people arrived and it was insane. This guy dug a seating area and a bonfire was built in the middle. It was so cool. I sat there with my friends, Meike and Krissi and chatted. Then a Canadian girl came and sat next to us. She was a chemist and super interesting to talk to. She had just come back from New Zealand and I was so jealous that she had been to Hobbiton! She introduced me to her French friend whom she had met the previous week. I was unsure about him at first as he kept joking around. I had noticed him when he first arrived and had thought that he would be a big partier. So there happened to be a rave at the beach at the same time that we were there and my friends decided to go over. I turned around and they were gone and I was left with the French guy and the Canadian girl. So I asked them if they fancied the rave, thinking I would see my friends there. I never found them. The girl ended up talking with a Russian guy, who was a party planner in his spare time. I went over and danced next to the French guy. We ended up spending the night together. We kissed. And he was the second person I’ve ever kissed. I normally would never kiss a guy I just met but the atmosphere was so great and he made me feel so wonderful. There were literally fireworks. I was truly French kissed…

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